Thursday, October 3, 2013

Burlap Pillows

BURLAP is trending, it's EVERYWHERE!  I recently took a trip to Kimswick, MO. Almost every gift boutique had some sort of burlap decor in it. So I decided that I really liked it and this started a burlap train I can't seem to get off of.
Today's project was inspired by some bedding I found online. It consisted of very expensive linens, but had the coolest burlap accent pillow. I then went to Pinterest for more pillow ideas. After a few ideas I headed to Walmart, where I purchased cream and regular burlap fabric, and some muslin fabric. The pillow forms there were rather pricey, so I headed next door to the Goodwill store where I picked up 2 used accent pillows for $2 ea.
Then I searched for some cool fleur de lis patterens online and found this            

Because I wanted to start my project immediately, I just hand painted my design on my burlap via eye to hand, off my computer monitor (it's not perfect, but close)
I cut 2 squares of fabric to fit my large pillow, painted my design with acrylic craft paint, let it dry, then sewed the 2 squares together (inside out) I also added a 3 in. muslin ruffle when I sewed it to add a soft touch to the rough burlap texture. 

I found similar pillows online for $60, I spent about $6 to make this.

Next I wanted an accent pillow in cream, so I used the same technique. But on the cream one, I did a layer of muslin behind the burlap, and as the backing, to give a reversible option and to better match the first pillow.

This one was very simple, once again hand painted, but much easier.

Together on my screened in porch.

Reverse sides.

my 'Better Homes & Garden's' shot ;)

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