Thursday, November 7, 2013

Altered Art

Have you ever seen those images or artwork where it looks like an old photo head mixed with colorful papers and materials? I've always been fascinated by them, but didn't know what they were called or how they were created. BINGO, they are called 'altered art' and they are made from cutting out the heads and or bodies of old photos. Being a photographer, I decided to 'cut' mine out in photoshop and play around.

I started by using a baby photo of my Grandma. I tinted her hair and skin and adjusted the levels.

Next I chose a background from scrap book paper.

A little photo shop magic (actually a lot) and an added flower from another paper and it's done!

After doing this one, I searched Pinterest and the web. I found awesome paper doll downloads and more creative papers. I plan on actually printing some of them off and cutting and layering them and adding embellishments. What a fun way to celebrate your history in a shabby chic kind of way.

This is another one I created with my mom's photo and some paper doll clothing.
I will post more photos as I create them.