Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shabby Chic Clothespins

Here's a fun little project, take plain old clothespins and make them designer in minutes.

Now, many people ask me if I paint these...not hardly, it's scrap book paper. I love scrap book paper and have a TON of it. So I just chose some pages (out of about the 100 designs I have) for this project.

First- buy some clothespins, or round up some old ones around the house. 

Second- choose your paper

Third- measure and cut your paper in strips to fit both sides of the clothespin

 Last- glue them with modpodge

Here are some finished ones. I use them for notes, bag clips, paper clips, goodie bags, ect.
You could put magnets on them, or add embellishments. They are a great add on to a gift bag, and cost pennies to make. ENJOY!!