Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shut the Box game project

When I was little, I use to love to play this number game at my Grandma's house. I never knew what it was called, but it was a gambling game, that we would just play for fun. I decide I wanted my own, but I also wanted it to look shabby chic, and be able to add to my decor as well. So I got creative, raided the craft store for possible solutions, and I finally finished it! BTW, the game is called 'shut the box', it was brought to this country by Englishmen, and it was definitely a gambling game.

The object of the game is to roll the dice and flip up numbers that equal the dice shown. You keep rolling and flipping till you have run out of options. The player with the smallest total left is the winner. (this can be quite addicting, and I find myself playing 'solitaire' a lot)

This is the closed box. It may look really complicated, but I am the queen of short cuts and simplicity!!
supplies: wooden file box from Michaels
              scrap book paper & tissue paper
              thick wire hanger
              mod podge
              felt piece
              jewelry beads
             generic Jenga game from the dollar store
             paint, stencil sponges, & stamps
             drill & drill bit

First I used mod podge and torn tissue paper to line the inside and outer edges of the lid, then I used a black and brown combo paint to paint the outer sides & edge. Then I used a sponge and gently brushed the inside edges and the creases in the paper. Then I used stamps with brown paint.

For the top of the lid, I used a sheet of scrap book paper, and cut out other embellishments from scrap book paper. I used the paint again with the sponge to burnish the edges and surface. I created the label using the French translation for 'shut the box'. Added the stamp in the corner, and voila! 

You guessed it, more scrap book paper. But I wanted and 'old world' look, so I crumpled it all up before I used the mod podge to glue it on. Then I used the paint and sponge again to burnish, I also used the same paint to paint the bottom of the box. I purposely streaked it on, for a worn look. 

For the inside walls, I also used scrap book paper, it's dark brown with a faded damask pattern. Then I glued down a piece of felt, and stamped it.

OK, here's where it gets a little tricky. I used the generic Jenga pieces, and painted them with cream craft paint. Then I sanded the corners and edges, for a worn look. Next I brushed on a green/grey paint combo for texture. Then I burnished it with the dark brown paint. After they were dried, I drilled holes through the sides slightly larger than my hanger rod. After the holes were safely drilled, I used mod podge to glue on the numbers (cut out from scrap paper). Then (my husband) drilled holes in the sides of the box, being careful not to go all the way through. I cut the hanger to the perfect length and strung on my number blocks and beads.Inserted the rod into the side holes, and it's finished!

Now, as far as the amount of carpentry work, this was simple....but don't let me fool you, with all of the detailed touches and steps, it took me a full day to create this. I am very happy with the turn out, and I play it quite often. I can't wait to have company so we can try it out, and seeing how it cost me less than $10 to make this, I should win that back in no time! :) 

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