Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old World Basket

I have been wanting to rehab some of my out dated baskets. Since I'm into the shabby chic look, I searched Pinterest for some ideas. I found several people using this product called Gesso to create a foundation and chunky paint feel. I bought mine at Michaels, but I'm sure most craft stores have it. You will find it in the paint isle.
 I'm sure you have old and dated baskets around the house. I have plenty. Most of them have a dark look or country theme, because that's what was in when I bought them. Well, time to give them new life!!

 Here's the original basket...very 'country' looking. First I used straight Gesso, and watered down Gesso to give it an over all coat. Next I randomly brushed some grey craft paint over most of the basket. Then I went back and added more Gesso in areas, for that old peeled paint feeling.

 This is the same basket after I used a little creativity.

 I used an antique brass fleur de lis, added some gesso, teal and black paint. Then I sanded some edges and detail to reveal the brass in spots.

Here you can see where I used a heavier amount of Gesso in spots to give it a more old paint look.

Here is the finished basket. I'm not sure what will go in it for good yet.

This was a pretty simple project. I have about 5 other baskets I'm planning on finishing in a similar fashion.
I purchased the paint, gesso and fleur de lis at Michaels. This basket makeover cost me about $2, a bottle of gesso runs around $7, but I have plenty of it left for numerous other projects.

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