Thursday, February 6, 2014

Small Touches

Recently I found this old metal candle stick at a refurb type store for $6. It was painted solid green, but I loved the detail on it, and just knew I could make it better!

I grabbed some white craft paint, and put on about 4 coats (that damn green was hard to cover).

Imagine my disappointment to find a $1 price on the bottom of this rusty piece :(
I could have saved $5... hahaha

After the white was dry, I rubbed on some black to reveal the detail, and add some scuff marks.
Kind of like a reverse sanding effect. I just love this piece...I originally bought it as a xmas gift, but after I refinished it, I decided it needed to stay at my house.

Here's another quick tip. I took a plain flame-less candle and wrapped some burlap ribbon around it. Then I stuck on 3 paper flowers I made from pre-punched flowers and button shaped brads.
You can buy all this at Michaels, AKA my second home.